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Do you find achieving business goals and meeting your team’s expectations becoming challenging than before? Are you missing the fulfillment you deserve, despite being successful at times?

Explore life-changing techniques in leading your teams from Freddie, the Father Manager in this interesting business fable. Enjoy watching Freddie handle every practical day to day challenge you confront at your workplace. Fascinating events left a lasting impression on his life once he applied a new-age leadership perspective. Apply the simplified eight-stage model, the step-by-step proven formula and 50 valuable tips that delivered outstanding results for new managers to top-notch executives.


  • Are you losing control with uncertainty?
  • Getting harder to uplift your team?


    What you need is not a general self-help book. You require a ‘Business self help book’ that simulates every scenario from your organization and offers tried and tested easy methods to solve it for you. The mesmerizing screenplay transcends you to an office in San Francisco.

    This enormously engaging book is loved and practiced as it provides out of-the-box solutions for most significant challenges that leaders face like

  • Sustaining motivation despite organization constraints
  • Balancing team’s aspirations and interests
  • Shortage of time to mentor
  • Coping up with uncertainty amidst external changes and risk of acquisitions
  • Handling staff vulnerable to internal politics
  • How to manage employees perceiving organization decisions as unfair
  • Broken working chemistry amongst teams
  • Work-life balance and many more.


    The author brings his wit and wisdom subtly through the narrative and remarkably meaningful case-studies


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