Fisher Price Wobbly Fun Ball ,Colors may vary

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  • Your child will feel happy when the bell inside the ball rings. Brightly colored ball with weighted base for lively wobbly action.
  • Holds two similar play balls with bell for fun, sound and action.
  • The Wobbly Fun Ball is a Kiddi Craft Fisher-Price ball with a weighted base. Color may vary.
  • The ball is about 6 or 7 inches in diameter, it has round and oblong holes cut in sides, and two small balls inside that jingle when the ball is moved.

Fisher-Price is a reputed international brand manufacturing every imaginable product for kids. Following all prescribed norms and adhering to all required standards, Fisher-Price Products are a joy to both kids and parents. From baby clothes, school and stationery products, to toysŸ?? the list goes on. The Bouncing Ball for Kids from Fisher-Price is yet another innovative product that has become quite popular toy with little kids.

Jingling Balls inside a Ball

The fun ball games for kids are very innovative toys for little kids. Brightly coloured, this fun ball has a weighted base which helps with the bouncy, wobbly action. See your little one scamper behind this tinkling ball and grab it. The two little balls with bells inside the Fisher-Price Wobbly Fun Ball, makes a lovely, cheerful sound that will keep your little one active. Since the fun ball games for kids has round and oblong holes, it is easy of babies to pick it up, hold it and examine it in detail and every time the ball moves, it makes a tinkling sound! Besides the fun factor, these Bouncing Balls for Kids help enormously in the developmental skills of your baby. The rolling, pushing and wobbling action of this Fun Ball Games for Kids will help to strengthen their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. It can be adorable to watch them peering through the holes of the Fisher-Price Wobbly Fun Ball to try and find the source of the tinkling sound. The tinkling sounds and bright colours help to stimulate their audio and visual skills.

A Fun and Learning Toy

Get ready to see the amazement on your little oneŸ??s face when this Bouncing Balls for Kids is presented to them. This bright little ball serves many purposes Ÿ?? both in terms of entertainment and learning. See your little one play with it and since it is quite sturdy, it can withstand the rough handling that your baby might mete out. This Bouncing Balls for KidsŸ?? is definitely a fun toy that both you and your kid will love playing with!

Key Features
  • Brightly coloured ball about 6-7 inches in diameter with oblong and round holes
  • Come with two other smaller brightly coloured balls with bells inside that makes tinkling sounds when it rolls around
  • The ball comes with a weighted base for easy rolling
  • Ideal for babies of 6 months and over

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