For Better Through Verse -Amazing Promises Uncovered Verse By Verse

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Examples of "how" and explanations of "why" within this body of work are designed to allow the reader to internalise and personalise complex information in a simple yet succinct way. Dr. Prateep Philip has managed to introduce the reality of living to the design of Scripture so that the common man will be comfortable with the application of the Good Book to everyday life. The meditations are practical and spiritual thus blending discipline and devotion in a functional way. Tackling the importance of faith alongside the mundanerequirements of life is not only challenging but sometimesimprobable. Uni-verse allows piety to no longer be a ritual but a complement and a supplement to living. It gives us the desire to change habits and behaviour in an informative way. I enjoyed the ease with which the seemingly modular thoughts actually coalesce to provide a string of hope and optimism to the reader. Presented in a unique twist of both activity and accomplishment, the information is designed to engage the reader. Having personally been a messenger of hope and optimism for almost two decades, I stand in awe at the resume of the author Dr. Prateep Philip, IPS, who has seen the worst that man is capable of, while searching for the best of God within that same man. His constant quest to provide the bridge between a head that thinks and a heart that cares is evident in the way he offers us hope in this book. The meditations within this book are a microcosm of the life of a person who has taken an oath to protect man through law enforcement while living out the promise of delivering him with spiritual protection. Utilising the principles outlined in this book will liberate you to believe while allowing you to believe that liberating yourself was intended for you all along.

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