Frank Play ‘n’ Count Puzzle – 75 Pieces, 15 Self-Correcting 3-Piece Puzzles for Ages 3 & Above

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  • MATH PUZZLE: This puzzle makes learning basic educational concepts fun for little ones. With this puzzle set, children have to use their maths skills and visual ability to find and connect matching jigsaw pieces. This can help children focus better and enhance their visual skills, hand-eye coordination, motor and arithmetic skills. This jigsaw can be interactive, played with guardians, parents, teachers or other kids, boosting a child’s social skills too!
  • JIGSAW DESIGN: The jigsaw set uses a series of vibrant images depicting various objects and animals that are easily identifiable by young kids. The set is designed in 3-piece puzzles in which children have to fix the first two pieces, representing an addition or subtraction problem, and then the solution piece to complete the picture.
  • SELF-CORRECTING PIECES: The puzzles are fashioned in a way that an image piece will fit only its correct matching piece. Such educational puzzles are recommended for learning environments at home as well as preschools, playschools, and nurseries.
  • SAFETY STANDARDS: Made with sturdy-yet-lightweight cardboard, the educational puzzle can withstand being handled by playful children. The pieces are made with good quality materials and printed using non-toxic inks, ensuring safety for kids.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Frank Play ‘n’ Count Puzzle consists of 75 jigsaw pieces, with 15 puzzles. It is suitable for children of 3 years and above.


    This Frank Play ‘n’ Count Puzzle is designed to help little ones stay put and have fun while learning. Keeping minds engaged in a productive way, the educational puzzle features fun matching concepts to keep children occupied for a long-time span. It is made to boost problem-solving skills through personal learning experiences at home as well as preschools, classrooms and daycare centres. The puzzle sets can help boost early learning skills such as sorting, concentration, teamwork, and visual abilities. The fun learning activity jigsaw set is tested by real educators and is recommended to help enhance motor skills and hand-eye coordination of early learners.

    Product Includes - Includes 15 puzzles

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