Fraudster: The Story of Corporate India's Black Sheep

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Fraudster: The Story of Corporate India's Black Sheep is a story that tells you about the dark and shady aspects behind the glamorous and shinning corporate world with its golden offers and fake smiling faces. This book written by R V Raman deals with the life of those involved in the corporate world, either directly or indirectly. Be it a chairman or a manager, it talks on how the world affects them and those around them. Scams and frauds may be interesting to read but being involved in them, voluntarily or involuntarily, may cost you everything, even your life. A never ending web of conspiracy, deceit and lies that threaten the very basis of the corporate world is the story of this book.

Fraudster: The Story of Corporate India's Black Sheep starts off with the story of Shruti Mathur, a bank employee who has her feeling played with. Due to this, she loses her job after having issued a large amount of loan on a property that is not even worth half the amount. The day after appearing before a committee to discuss the extent of her mishap, Shruthi is found dead under mysterious circumstances. Mr Visht, a member of the committee, can't help but feel that there is more to Shruthi's story than what she had discussed. He then dwells deeper into the causes of her death and employment. Shockingly he is also found dead not soon after, as a result of falling from his south-Bombay flat. Mr Subramaniam, a senior partner at CBS and also a close friend of Mr Visht, is murdered soon after his company's high security server is hacked. But the hackers don't want the company's secrets, they want something even darker and more sinister. The web of lies and conspiracy seem to thicken with the plot as people, who will stop at nothing no matter how many have to be sacrificed, live to guard their dark secrets.

Fraudster: The Story of Corporate India's Black Sheep was published in 2014 by Hachette India and is available in paperback.

Key Features:

  • This book tells you some of the darkest secrets of the corporate world behind its shinning exterior.
  • It gives you an idea on frauds and scams from a different view.

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