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How did the top three the Taj, the Oberoi, ITC hotels come to dominate the Indian hotel landscape? What are the challenges thrown by the disrupters OYO, Airbnb, TreeBo? What does the future hold? A hotel, both emotionally and experientially, touches all over lives the first date, the first job interview, wedding anniversaries, celebrations, memorable experiences are all linked to it. Based on the author s years of observation of the industry and interactions with key stakeholders, this book takes you through the tumultuous history and evolution of the Indian hotel industry. It captures the enormous shifts taking place in this colourful industry as guest preferences and consumer profiles change and technology unleashes disruptions. Who are the players and how are they coping with these changes? The book answers these and many more such questions. Packed with some exciting profiles and analysis of strategies, it also attempts to provide a glimpse of what lies in store in the future

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