Funskool Candyland Game

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  • Min Age: 3 yrs
  • Type: Learning Puzzles
  • Skillset: Alphabet & Number Recognition, Color & Shape Recognition, Motor Skills, Hand & Eye Co-ordination, General Knowledge

Kids love fantasy. Traversing in the realms of the world that exist only inside the human mind, is an activity that the little ones are good at. Breathing life into inanimate objects and treating them as creatures of flesh and blood is a favourite pastime for any tiny tot. Let the horses of creativity and imagination run wild in your young child with theFunskool Candyland Game.

In this adventure game set in fantasy world of Candyland, your young hero has to perform an exotic errand. Following the rainbow path, using skills available to beat others in the race to the KingŸ??s Castle, this exciting game will instill a competitive spirit in your child and nurture his imaginative mind. Fit for any boy or girl above the age of three, this colourful board game is a must have for any kid who loves candies and loves dwelling in fairyland.

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