Funskool Monopoly Indian Edition, Multi Color

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  • Classic world famous property trading board game
  • Move around the board buying and selling properties
  • A game of luck, chance and wheeling and dealing
  • A perfect game of family fun on a rainy day, a long holiday or a cold winter night
  • Monopoly will probably be the most played board game your you will ever own
Buy Your Dream Cities

Witness your children live out their ultimate fantasy of buying and selling entire cities in this fascinating and popular Funskool Monopoly India Edition board game. The idea of the game is to transform you into an astute and prudent dealer, scoring points by buying and selling cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata. Game play involves rolling the dice and moving forward through various cities. Also included are chance cards, deeds, houses and hotels to keep you engrossed in this interesting game. The Monopoly Board Game also allows you to buy ports, railways, and other real estate to further grow and enhance your business.

Learn Important Business Skills

Amid this gripping game of monopoly if you ever run out of your finances you can always approach your neighborhood bank for a loan or mortgage your purchased properties to get back into the game. The object of this board game for kids is to put your opponents out of business while expanding your own business. Kids can enjoy unlimited hours of fun and conduct some serious business dealings and negotiations, which are a lessons for life. The Funskool Monopoly game enables them to learn about the basics of market economy. It also enhances their knowledge about money management.

  • Brand: Funskool
  • Recommended Age: 8 years and up
  • Especially designed for Indians with Indian cities
  • Enhances money management and other financial skills
  • Hours of entertainment and fun for the entire family

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