Funskool PlayDoh Fun Factory

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  • Create Exciting Shapes - Extrude and Mould
  • Play-doh Modelling Knife
  • Encourage Creativity
  • Fun Moulds Included
  • Extruder Set-squeeze and Mould Whacky Shapes
  • Add:Ideal
  • Easy Access for Using and Cleaning Play-doh
  • Multi-coloured and Soft Clay Components

The cool extruder set by Funskool - the Play-Doh Fun Factory is here to ease away boredom from your childrenŸ??s playtime regime and infuses a high degree of creativity.

Create exciting shapes - Extrude and mould
Using the components provided, children can extrude and mould with ease, as a result of which exciting shapes are created.

Play-doh modelling knife
The kit offers a cool modelling knife to let kids to conjure up and give shape to their imagination or what they require

Extruder set -squeeze and mould whacky shapes
The easy-to-use extruder set lets kids squeeze out their desired shapes and more with ease and precision.

Multi-coloured and soft clay components
The Play-Doh consists of multi-coloured, soft clay components that enable children to actively engage themselves while the wings of their creativity takes shape

Encourage creativity
As children actively engage their minds in creating their very own shapes and bringing into form their ideas, their creativity is enhanced by several degrees.

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