Funskool PlayDoh Numbers

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Enjoying the attention of toddlers for a sustained period is a Herculean task. If your child has just started learning alphabets and numbers, you would the pain of groing through the task of teaching him/her amid distractions. Funskool Play-Doh Numbers makes your work easier. This Play-Doh set can be used by boys and girls who are three years or older. Teaching with innovative clay moulds make the process of learning a playful exercise for your young one. Let the creative juices flow as the little Einsteins carve out numbers from the doh. You can create fun numbers and alphabets and make various shapes of multiple colours from the materials that come with this Play-Doh set. Teach your kids how construct words, or add up numbers by forming different combinations with the mould. The box contains a Play-Doh knife, twenty six letter moulds, nine number moulds, and ten cans of colouring material.

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