Funskool Rubik's Cube

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  • No colour stickers and no issue of sticker peeling off, instead the parts are moulded in the respective colours
  • New design and tough tiles
  • Smoother and faster action, thus very much ideal for fast cubing

The best way to keep the children engaged is to bring them a Funskool Rubik's Cube. It is a playing cube to keep the children intrigued. It is an excellent game to enhance the problem-solving skills of the kids.

Playing with this cube keeps the children engaged in a tricky task of matching the colours either by rotating, turning or twisting the cube. Kids have to apply different techniques to match the colours. It isn't easy to match the colours as it seems to be. This cube is known for its 43 quintillion combinations and players have only one solution for this puzzle.

This Funskool cube is specially designed for kids above 8 years. Even adults can also try to play with this cube. It's a six-sided cube that is made by using tough tiles that can withstand regular wear and tear. It has been manufactured according to the quality standards to maintain safety. The best thing about this cube is that no stickers have been applied and hence there is no fear of the colours peeling off. Its smooth and compact design makes it possible to carry. Additionally, its smooth surface makes the rotating of the cube very easy. This lovely Rubik's Cube can be played anywhere. Children can play with this toy while in the company of friends or family. It can be a great idea to play with this product while alone to keep boredom at bay.

Above all, this interesting cube helps in developing determination and logical skills of the children. It also increases their concentration level.

From the Manufacturer

Billions of Combination, But Only One Solution

Funskool India Ltd. brings to you the exciting and competitive Funskool Rubik's Cube. Rubik's Cube is the popular and fastest-selling puzzle of all time. It helps to improve your child's memory and problem solving skills as it keeps his brain engaged with its difficult exercise of matching all the colours by twisting, turning and rotating the cube. Various techniques can be used to solve this puzzle as it has 43 quintillion combinations, but only one solution. Although the puzzle is suitable for children above the age of 8, even adults are tempted to try their luck. The cube helps in enhancing sharpness, determination, mental reflexes and logical skills of kids.

Safe and Long Lasting

The Rubik cube game is a six-sided cube puzzle that is made of tough tiles, which makes it resistant to damage from accidental fall. Instead of using coloured stickers that come off easily, all the parts of the cube are moulded in their respective colours. This results in the cube being safe to use for kids. Being compact in size and smooth in design, the puzzle is easy to carry, thus giving your kids complete entertainment wherever they go. It can be played independently or in the company of friends or family. 

  • Recommended Age: 8 years and up
  • Pieces: 3
  • Type: Indoor games and puzzle
  • Colour: Multi-colour
  • Dimensions: 7.6 x 7.6 x 7.6 cm
  • Weight: 118 g

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