Funskool Stacking Drums(Multicolor)

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  • Min Age: 1 yr
  • Skillset: Color & Shape Recognition
  • Type: Colors & Shapes
  • 8 colorful drums in different sizes that stack and nest
  • Develops hand-eye coordination
  • Drums have animal shapes on the base
  • Good for color association, hand eye co-ordination, observation and general development
  • Children can see the different sizes and stack one on top of the other
Develops Creativity and Coordination

With this set of Funskool stacking drums, your kid can carry out multiple fun activities and learn while performing each of them. The set comprises eight colourful drums of different sizes, which allow you to teach your child about colours and test their colour association skills. The varying sizes also enhance your little one's hand-eye coordination, as they first observe the different sizes of the drums and then stack them in the right order. Animal shapes found on the base of the kids' stacking drum set teach them to identify different animals.

Durable, Fun and Safe

This stacking drums set for kids has been made from high-quality plastic, which ensures that this learning toy can be left with them without the fear of breakage. The drums have been designed without any sharp edges, ensuring that no harm is caused to your child while interacting with them. Along with being a motor skill development toy for kids, this drum set provides hours of entertainment and mental engagement. It is a great way to teach your child multiple skills and develop creativity without a dull moment.

  • Brand: Funskool
  • Material: High grade child-safe plastic
  • Weight: 200g
  • Dimensions: 15.4 x 13 x 8.2 cm
  • Enhances motor skill development
  • Encourages observation
  • Colourful and bright
  • Lightweight and durable

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