Funskool Upwords

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  • Build a word sideways, now build a word upwords
  • An exciting war of words between players in a great 3-D word building game
  • Build new words by stacking letters on top of those already on the board
  • Build words in three directions: Across, down, and even upwards
  • Create complex layers of crosswords to earn more points and win the game
Fun-Filled Vocabulary Game for Kids

With the Funskool Upwords you can improve your kid's vocabulary in a fun-filled manner. The game requires you to stack letters upwards as well as sideways to build more and more meaningful words. While playing with this Funskool Upwords game, children will also learn to spell words correctly. Moreover, it will also help in developing their thinking abilities as well. At the end of this game, the person who has spelt maximum number of words correctly will get the highest score and become the winner. Boys as well as girls will enjoy playing this game equally.

Aids in the Mental Development of Children

Being extremely compact, you can comfortably carry this stacking word game even when you are travelling so that the kids can enjoy themselves during the journey. Apart from children, even adults will enjoy playing this game and testing their vocabulary. As the game encourages children to build words, it also helps in improving their hand-eye coordination because they have to think about the word and identify the correct letters to make it. The racks, letter tiles, label sheet and game board included in this game for 8 year old are made from superior quality material to ensure they last for long.

  • Brand: Funskool
  • Type: Stacking word game
  • Includes: One label sheet, 64 letter tiles, four racks, one game board
  • Recommended Age: 8 years and up
  • Ideal for: Boys and girls

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