Hasbro Cranium Board Game

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  • Min Age: 15 yrs
  • Skillset: Social Skills, Problem Solving, Curiosity Building
  • Type: Party & Fun Games
  • No. of Players: 4

Take on another team head-to-head by taking challenges that will test both your mind and body. This Cranium Board Game from Hasbro includes 4 categories which allow you and your friends to unleash the actor, artist, Mensa member and wordsmith that you can be.

Includes 400 Challenges

There are 400 challenges provided, and you get to pick one every time you land on the colour-coded activities. You have to complete them in one minute and reach the Cranium Central space on the game board to win.

Guess, Spell, Act or Hum your way to Victory

The game includes 4 categories, including the Star Performer category, where you can act or hum a tune. The Creative Cat category lets you unleash your sketching and sculpting abilities. You also get to draw stick-figure master pieces. The Word Worm category lets you to solve puzzles, define the words and even spell them backward. The last category Ÿ?? Data Head is all about your general knowledge, where you have to figure out what is fact and what is fiction.

Ideal for Ages 16 Years and Up

Cranium is the ideal game for kids above the age of 16, as it includes many challenges that are appropriate for older kids and will help develop their knowledge.

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