Heyday by Ben Wilson

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In Heyday, Ben Wilson brings to life one of the most extraordinary periods in modern history. From 1851–1862, the world was reshaped by technology, trade, mass migration and war. Telegraph lines and a new generation of fast steamships and railways connected these burgeoning frontier societies, shrinking the world and creating an interlinked global economy. In the company of fortune-seekers and ordinary migrants, we journey to these rapidly expanding frontiers. But this is a story not only of rapid progress, but of the victims of an assurgent West: indigenous peoples of the US and Australia who stood in the pathways of economic expansion and the Asian societies of India, Japan and China engulfed by the forces of modernisation. In a fast-paced, kaleidoscopic narrative, Wilson recreates a time of explosive energy and dizzying change. At the centre stands Great Britain. The country was the peak of its power as it attempted to determine the destinies of hundreds of millions of people. Heyday is a dazzlingly innovative take on a period of extraordinary transformation, a little-known decade that was fundamental in the making not only of Britain but of the modern world.

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