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It’s been five years since the deadly Shivaji Park attack took five lives and changed those of countless others in Mumbai among them, Assistant Police Inspector Uday Mhatre. In the thick of things that day, he is now battling depression and alcoholism.

When a fire breaks out in a south Mumbai hotel, Mhatre—posted with a special squad—is the first to notice that a woman who was on the guest register is missing from the scene. Mhatre doggedly searches for her, but she appears to have vanished into thin air.

Meanwhile, the woman, known in her murky circles as only Chhaya, is planning an attack even more devastating than the Shivaji Park strike. In another part of the city, Rohit, a teenager recovering from his mother’s violent suicide, gets more and more consumed by his forbidden romance with a junior college teacher. Mhatre, Chhaya and Rohit head inexorably towards their intertwined destinies, as the special squad races against time to unravel Chhaya’s deadly plan.

Intersections is the story of three broken souls walking constantly intersecting paths—and none of them will end up where they want to be.

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