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Also known as: Pagade, Pachisi, Chaupar, Aksha Kreeda, Dayakattam, Chokkattan

Chaupad (A Traditional Indian Dice Game) - Perhaps no other game is played in so many different variations all over India as Chaupad. The variations often have slight differences in the board itself, the type of pieces used or the rules and methodology. One of a family of cross and circle games, Chaupad is believed by many to be among the oldest games from India. Legend has it that Emperor Akbar played it on giant boards with women from his harem moving instead of game pieces. This game is believed to be the source for the popular game - Ludo.

  • 1 game board canvas
  • 16 game pieces (wooden round coin in different 4 colours)
  • 6 throw pieces (cowrie shells)
  • Weight: 0.240kg
  • Canvas Size: 44.5*44.5cm

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