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The Battle of Lanka (The War Game); Part III of the Ramayana Series

This is a game conceived by Kreeda, and is the third part of the Ramayana series. In the Indian epic - the Ramayana, Dasharatha, Rama’s father is forced by an old promise to send Rama, his eldest son away to the forest for fourteen years. Rama is accompanied by his wife Sita and brother, Lakshmana. Vanavaas - The Adventures in the Forest follows their experiences until the kidnapping of Sita.

In the second game, the Search for Sita, you follow the adventures of Rama and Lakshmana as they search for Sita and seek the help of the vanaras or monkeys. Hanuman finally finds Sita in Lanka where she is a prisoner of the demon king – Ravana.

Rama and Lakshmana, along with their new friends Sugriva and Hanuman decide that the only option is to fight a war with Ravana and rescue Sita. It was a mighty battle fought between the rakshasas led by Ravana and the vanara army led by Rama.

The purpose of the game is to familiarize children with the characters and events of the battle of Lanka in a fun and child friendly manner. Colourful and well illustrated cards make this an exciting game to play. It brings the players face to face with legendary and colourful characters like Hanuman, Jambavan, Indrajit and Kumbakarna. Each card provides information about a character or event in the battle. Children will enjoy the cards and have fun making up new ways to play the game.

The research for this game is based on C. Rajagopalachari’s Ramayana in English.

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