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Korkai is a historical novel written by Tamil writer Joe D'Cruz about Korkai, an ancient port city ruled by the Early Pandyan Kingdom. It is a book that documents the 100-year history of fishermen based in the 20th century.

The book depicts the lives of the fishing community settled in the Gulf of Mannar region in the 20th century. It analyses the reasons behind its gradual decline and subsequent effort to sustain its position in the society. Korkai is a novel, wherein the author possesses a profound knowledge about the rich history of his land, which he willingly imparts to his readers.

In his work Joe D'Cruz has thrown light on the lives of the people belonging to the coastal communities and their interaction and relationships with other communities. He has not only brought to the front the many positive facets of the fishermen of the 1900s -2000s but also the plight and suffering of the settlers. Korkai is hailed as an eloquently written work of literature which gives a true account of the history of the Korkai city, pondering over not only the religion but the traditions and culture of the multifarious lives of Tamil fishermen.

Published in 2009 by Kalachuvadu Publications, Korkai by R.N. Joe D'Cruz is available in hardcover.

Key Features

  • The author, Joe D'Cruz, received the 2013 Sahitya Akademi Award for Korkai.
  • The book was received with much appreciation by the masses.

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