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About the Book: Lead Well and Prosper MANAGERS PROSPER WITH PROVEN TIPS AND PRACTICAL ADVICE Management today is in a state of crisis. No longer simply the butt of a joke or two, there is now an entire cottage industry built around ridiculing the profession-and justifiably so. But the good news is that the future of managers-and those they impact-doesn't have to be bleak. This gimmick-free guide presents practical advice and tips that will help managers of any level improve immediately. A collection of 15 basic strategies arms managers with the weapons they need to fight mediocrity. Being a good manager is very difficult to achieve, but every manager can succeed by embracing the material in this book. Most managers don't want to perform poorly; they just don't work on the right things. This book not only shows them what those"right things" are, but it offers straightforward ready-to-execute solutions. Its instructional format includes humorous illustrations pointing out everyday mistakes, brief narratives explaining the importance of good strategies summarizations of common pitfalls to avoid, and actions that can be taken for immediate results. There's even a test managers can take to measure their progress. With this easy-to-read and thought-provoking resource, managers will be well on their way to success. About the Author: Nick McCormick Nick McCormick has a bachelor of science degree in finance from Georgetown University. Currently a delivery manager for an information technology services company, he has extensive business and leadership skills built on a foundation of software development. McCormick lives in suburban Philadelphia with his wife and three children.

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