My Husband and Other Animals 2: The Wildlife Adventure Continues Paperback

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‘We’ve lived here at Pambukudivanam for 20 years now and many are the trees we planted that you can’t put your arms around. Orioles, treepies, woodpeckers, king¬fishers, spotted owlets and parakeets also call it home, and the resident rat snake regularly sheds his 7-foot-long skin below the expansive banyan tree shading our house.’ - Rom Whitaker

My Husband and Other Animals, Janaki Lenin’s first book, was lauded by readers and critics alike. With this compilation, she returns with more stories of the quirky and wonderful life she shares with her husband, Rom Whitaker, and an array of wild creatures—from leopards to king cobras.

Janaki’s enthusiasm and passion for the wild finds a voice in the pages of her book, while her curiosity about the world she inhabits infuses these light-hearted, yet thought-provoking stories with unique insight. As much a chronicle of Janaki and Rom’s unusual life as it is a wild and eventful journey, My Husband and Other Animals 2: Wildlife Adventures Continue is a witty, delightful read.

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