Mystical Healer: A metamorphosis of a woman. Scars are beautiful tattoos.

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As a river flows, meandering through many lands, Sujitha's story flows fast and furiously through the pages and through our senses. The lush tale of Maya-Janwi, who has a chance for a wondrous new life and opportunity is what all women dream of. Written as a page turner, but never forgetting the supple spine of a woman's world, this is a mature novel from a writer who has etched physical shapes as an architect and is now designing stories for our inner selves.
Maya is a timid intelligent lady who has prioritized her family to her career as a herbologist. She is married to a rich man but has no freedom. She helps him find his freedom by shifting to the US. She loses her memory in a landslide accident in the Himalayas during a trek and then is rescued by an old couple and a doctor. Her accidental meeting of a nonagenarian tribal woman who imparts very special skills to her, combined with her knowledge of herbs and her inherited knowledge makes her a mystical healer. Does she fall in love with the doctor? Does she meet her family again? Read to discover the story of the metamorphosis of a woman where scars are beautiful tattoos.
- Dr. Anita R. Ratnam

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