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A woman is stalked by a man she had once rejected. A housewife discovers a plot to kill her husband. A blind young girl is chased by an underworld gang. A woman is abused by her husband and spied on by her neighbour. But these are no ordinary women. Some of them aren’t even women. In these macabre stories you will find beings that are both human and cobra – the ichhadhari nags and nagins – who are fierce in their love and ruthless in their revenge. And they are not the only abnormals that live among us: beautiful vish kanyas whose bodies secrete poison, powerful babas who practice black magic, shape-shifting jackals that feast on human heart and liver, fearsome half-human hunters who kill mercilessly and hideous vidrupas who can unhinge you with a kiss. You have been warned.


About the Author

Mayur Didolkar has published two novels – The Dark Road and Tears for Strangers – and several short stories, all with Juggernaut. A crime and horror writer, the possibility of things going dreadfully, irrevocably wrong in ordinary situations inspires his work. Mayur is also a marathon runner and occasionally tries his hand at stand-up comedy. He lives in Pune where he runs an investment advisory firm.

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