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‘I come from the land of the Kama Sutra. I can f*** you in more ways than you can count!’ - Papa CJ

When an award-winning comedian performs at gunpoint in South Africa and lives to tell the tale, you know it's going to be an interesting one. Pranks both childish and reckless, nights of wild partying, a career repeatedly built and torn down, a roller-coaster love life, and risks you and I wouldn't dare to take: Papa CJ is able to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. And then destroy it. Only to rise again like a phoenix.

As Papa CJ lays bare his life, from the streets of Calcutta to the University of Oxford and stages across the world, you will bask in nostalgia, laugh your guts out, feel your heart ache, and find a new lens with which to look at your own life. A lens that allows you, like Papa CJ, to always see the positive. And of course, the funny. Seize it. Enjoy it!

Praise for NAKED (the show on which the book is based)

‘A spellbinding storyteller’ ~ Huffington Post, New York

‘You will walk out vowing to tell your friends about this comedian’ ~ Herald Sun, Australia

‘Crosses continents and decades while remaining very personal’~ The Scotsman, Scotland

‘Comedy, courage and class’~ Hindustan Times, India

‘You feel like giving it a gallantry award too’ ~ Mitali Saran,, India

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