Notes of a Dream: The Authorized Biography of A.R. Rahman

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Who really is A.R. Rahman? We know the music. But do we know the man? For the first time, a nation's pride--winner of National Film awards, Oscars, Grammys and hearts--opens up about his philosophies: hope, perseverance, positivity and love. From his early days as a composer of advertisement jingles to his first big break in feature films, from his keenness to integrate new technology with good old-fashioned music scores to the founding of his music school, from his resounding entry on to the international stage to his directorial debut, from his philanthropy to his inner life, Notes of a Dream captures Rahman's extraordinary success story with all the rhythm and melody, the highs and lows, of a terrific soundtrack by the man himself.

Featuring intimate interviews with the soft-spoken virtuoso, as well as insights and anecdotes from key people in his life, this balanced, uplifting and affectionate book is the definitive biography of A.R. Rahman--the man behind the music and the music that made the man.

About the Author

Krishna Trilok is the author of the fantasy novel Sharikrida published in 2017. A student of commerce and marketing, his fascination for European and Asian history and mythology, combined with his love of movies and fairy tales, led him to writing. Notes of a Dream is his second work. He lives in Chennai.

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