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In the Indian milieu, the boy and girl fall in love but the parent rebels. What if the tables turn with the parents wanting their children to fall in love and the children rebel? The result is an intriguing tale…

Paayal is a well educated, well employed and extremely independent girl who is not too eager to settle down in matrimony. Her parents, Jyotsna and Narayanan, are criticised by society for not fulfilling their parental responsibility of getting her married. The final straw in the matter is when their younger son gets married. Jyotsna is totally devastated.
She finds a sliver of hope when she meets her long lost friend, Rama, who has an eligible son, Ajay. Jyotsna and Rama create situations that would make Ajay and Paayal fall in love and eventually marry. They find the going tough because Ajay and Paayal are totally divergent in their tastes and outlook. Will Jyotsna’s prayers be answered ?

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