Parker Vector Stainless Steel GT Ball Pen

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Rs. 650
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The all new Parker Vector Stainless Steel GT ball pen is one of the most stylish pens available in the Vector Stainless Steel GT collection of office supplies. This stylish Vector pen features a streamlined body which grows thinner towards the writing end and provides you with a comfortable grip to write with. The Parker brand name elegantly etched at the centre of the barrel is very delightful.

The chrome finish on the surface of the Stainless Steel GT pen looks very posh and well-designed. The cap of the Vector ball pen also has a chrome finish and it comes with Parker's trademark arrow-shaped clip which allows you to attach the pen to your shirt pocket when it is not being used.

The Parker Vector ball pen comes equipped with a disposable ball point refill that can be replaced with a new one when it dries out of ink. The blue color ink flows continuously and effortlessly from the Vector GT pen to provide you with an uninterrupted writing experience while working on long scripts. You can write for hours at a stretch with the GT ball pen and still not feel any strain on your hands.

This Parker ball pen comes in blister packaging which ensures the safety of the pen from damages and dust. The Vector Stainless Steel pen is very impressive when it comes to design and performance.

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