People Tools for Love & Relationships (Paperback)

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Relationship expert Alan C. Fox has inspired thousands of readers with the invaluable advice and engaging stories in his two bestselling books People Tools and People Tools for Business. Now he is back with the ultimate guide to a better life: People Tools for Love and Relationships: The Journey from Me to Us.

Alan is a master at building relationships. In People Tools for Love and Relationships he reveals time-proven techniques that you can use to enhance your connection with your partner, your family, your friends and everyone who is important to you.

Each chapter of the book illustrates a different "People Tool" using insightful stories and amusing anecdotes from Alan's life. From learning how to talk about money with your partner, how and when to apologize, to increasing trust and intimacy, each tool addresses a specific relationship issue and provides a simple, straightforward approach that you can adopt to create a positive result.

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