Purposeful: Are You a Manager or a Movement Starter?

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Managers accept the world as it is; movement starters push the boundaries to make it more just, compassionate and even joyful. We all need to decide: Are we managers or movement starters?

Jennifer Dulski, the head of Groups and Community at Facebook and former president of Change.org, explains how you can turn your mission into a movement that creates change – whether you’re at a start-up or a political campaign, a Fortune 500 company or a local community group, as an intern or a CEO. Anyone can spark change if they believe in the power of taking action, no matter where or how small, they start.

Dulski explains how to create a clear vision, inspire supporters, persuade decision-makers, navigate criticism and more. She pairs her own experience as a start-up founder, tech executive and social change leader with powerful stories of movement leaders from both business and activism.

Our world needs movement starters more than ever. Packed with practical advice and the inspiring true stories of movement starters from all walks of life, Purposeful will empower you to start your own movement and make your mark on the world.

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