Retire Rich: Invest Rs.40 A Day : New Edition

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If you start earning at 24, retire at 49, and live till 94 – what you are trying to do is make sure that the money earned in 25 years is managed well for another 45 years. This is not easy, but can be learnt. What if your monthly expenses at age 80 is 5X of what you earned in one year when you were 30. Many such insights and gems are hidden in the book – which tells you how you can accumulate a nice round amount by the time you turn 60 years of age. ≪ br/> The author tells you why you need to start early, invest Rs.40 a day and accumulate a nice corpus. If you increase this by 10%, It can lead to, hold your breath, Rs. 13.5 crores! Not bad for just Rs. 40 a day, right? ≪ br/> br V Subramanian tells you how starting early works like magic, and what happens if you live till age 120! ≪ br/> The earlier you start, the greater the flexibility and greater the options. Of course as a 24 year old you have other distractions too, but when you realize that retirement is a sum of money and not a date on the calendar…you will realize that an early start is surely worth it. When you start will help you decide whether your retirement will be Golden or red! Packed with examples, case studies etc. This book is a must read. Whether you are a planner or an end user learning and implementing plans aimed at financial freedom should be an amazing journey. ≪ br/> start early. Navigate safely. Reach surely.

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