Simma Soppanam (Tamil)

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If Cuba, the name of a country, is familiar to us, it is because of Fidel Castro. It would have become another state of USA, if not for Castro. Castro is a born rebel. The roots of his rebellious attitude were in his thirst for freedom. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, as the heir to a great land lord family. But for the freedom of his country and destruction of imperialism, he sacrificed comforts and went into the jungle taking guns with him. Even after Soviet Union was scattered, America is unable to do anything to Cuba which survives as a communist country till this moment. The sole credit for this should go to Fidel Castro. This is an interesting biography of Castro who is known for his courage and thirst for freedom. Marudan, the author, is also the author of Thuppakki Mozhi which analyses the history and growth of all Indian Terrorist.

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