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The most important gift you can give your child today—for their tomorrow! In this world of cut-throat competition, what can you do to give your child an edge? Would you like your children to be ready to face the future with confidence? Would you like to ensure that they are successful in whatever path they choose? How can you help them make the right decisions when faced with choices that are so diverse? Sparks of Genius is a detailed and well-researched account that will enable you to help your child grow into a thinking, feeling individual who is confident and empowered. It is packed with essential insights highlighted with examples to help you develop a deeper understanding of Security, Communication, Motivation and Movement—the four cornerstones that make a good thinker. In order to excel, what is most important for a young child is to be able to learn, unlearn and relearn, as well as the ability to ponder rich, meaningful questions that illuminate a whole new world of possibilities. Essentially, teaching your child how to think, rather than what to think, may be the most important gift you can give your child today—for their tomorrow. It is a gift we are losing in the mad rush of modern existence, and it is up to you, as sensitized parents and educators, to ensure it is passed on to your children.

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