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Author - K R MEERA

In these three stunningly original, lush and provocative novellas, award-winning writer K.
R. Meera explores the tragedy, betrayal and violence that rise out of the dark heart of love.

‘The Angel’s Beauty Spots’ is a disquieting story about Angela’s repeated infidelities and the
trauma of failed love; in ‘And Forgetting the Tree, I...’ Radhika tries to come to terms with a
former love that refuses to leave her; and ‘The Deepest Blue’ uses magic and metaphor to
tell the story of a wife who yearns for a love that transcends lifetimes.

Esteemed as one of the country’s finest storytellers, K. R. Meera’s The Angel’s Beauty Spots:
Three Novellas will serve to embellish her already considerable reputation as a writer of
strikingly original fiction.

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