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Intertwining history with mystery, Blue Jade is a captivating story about historical artefacts falling into the wrong hands. Neelam, starting her career as an art curator, discovers a precious relic hidden inside a statue of Mirabai, the legendary Rajasthani princess-saint. The relic turns out to be the most sought-after blue jade pendant, long declared lost.

Neelam must complete her family’s unfinished mission of returning the jade safely to the Indian monument where it belongs. But this is no simple task – Neelam must outrun a deadly ring of smugglers who are after the prized blue jade. As she travels through India, she trails the fabled journey of Mirabai, in a mystical link of history and present day.

The Blue Jade is a thrilling adventure in the murky world of blackmarket art set against the historical backdrop of the legendary princess-saint Mirabai.



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