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The revolutionary, research-based program for preventing, diagnosing and reversing food allergies the problem of food allergy is exploding around us: an estimated 2 million people are living with a diagnosed food allergy in the UK alone. This book offers the first glimpse of hope with a powerful message: you can work with your family and your doctor to eliminate your food allergy forever. Drawing on her trailblazing research at Stanford University and work with thousands of children with allergies, Dr kari nadeau reveals that food allergy is not a life sentence because the immune system can be retrained. Food allergies – from mild hives to life-threatening airway constriction – can be disrupted, slowed and stopped. The key is a strategy called immunotherapy (it), the controlled, gradual reintroduction of an allergen into the body. Fully anglicized for UK readers, The end of food allergy makes Dr nadeau's life-changing research accessible for parents, carers and professionals alike. Together with co-author new York Times bestselling author Sloan Barnett – herself a mother of two children with food allergies – she walks readers through every aspect of food allergy, offering a clear, supportive plan that readers can work with alongside a health care professional to break free from any kind of food allergy. Includes: · what to do, learn and ask following a food allergy diagnosis – and how to find the right treatment · The science behind immunotherapy and early introduction · how to gradually reintroduce foods not working for you and your family · advice on what to eat during pregnancy to help your baby avoid developing food allergies · how to cope with the emotional toll of living with food allergy and eliminate all fears clear, comprehensive and reassuring, the end of food allergy offers a life-changing, research-based program to take the fear out of food and end food allergies in children and adults alike.

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