The French Encounter

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When Jean Leclerc, the young French billionaire decides to construct a glass float in India, he is thinking political and environmental hurdles. So imagine his surprise when he comes face-to-face with a ferocious Bengal Tiger. Katrina Santiago, a young feisty Indian woman, is saving herself for the one shell eventually marry. She may work for the French administration, but she does not date Frenchmen. And then she sees JLC in all his splendor. Values and traditions are flying out of the window. She wants him. She wants her one chance at love.

About the Author

The author is Indian, a linguist by profession and married to a Frenchman. Her short story Jilted was chosen in a nationwide romance contest conducted by Rupa Publications and published in an anthology, An Atlas of Love. She has used her perception of Indian and French culture to write this East-meets-West romantic comedy The French Encounter.

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