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bout the Book: The Guest Faculty It Is Easier To Divorce Your Spouse But You Cannot Even DIVORCE Your Ph.D. supervisor... What, if you are a hardworking student, if you are an energetic research scholar, if you are a teacher with candour, if you plan to open a paan-shop roadside holding a Doctorate in Physics? Can you think of a cool life in India having enough money, to have your daily bread, to feed someone needy? Definitely NOT! Life of Anuj, an unpaid, diligent and industrious research-scholar, enchanted to become a professor, spans at three institutes. Politics in the campus, delay of salary, cavalier attitude of fellow-workers, shenanigans of student-leaders, supercilious behaviour of seniors and squandering of money etc lead him to affliction. Would he become a professor at a University? Will his research papers published in international journals of repute, provide him daily bread? What are the real parameters for selection as a professor in Indian Universities? Why should one study hard? This gallant novel illuminates the rife and real facts of higher education through the voice of a research-scholar cum teacher. The vicissitudes of life at Lucknow, a well known City of Nawabs, give glimpses on how it is losing its heart culture of manners and etiquettes (Tameez and Tahzeeb), which is the case of whole country, though. About the Author: Kamakhya Prakash Misra A physicist by profession, Kamakhya Prakash Misra hails from a small district Sitapur of Uttar Pradesh. He is a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Lucknow. Passionate for research in Physics, Kamakhya is also an avid reader of literature. He has given a talk on his research topic at Frontiers in Optics, an international event organized by Optical Society of America, at San Jose (California) USA. Fond of excursions, he has enjoyed the trips of almost every part of India.

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