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The Magic is the third book by the author. In this book, she stresses the importance of showing gratitude for all oneŸ??s blessings.

Summary Of The Book

The author became famous with her book and film, The Secret. In that book she explained the Law of Attraction and the power of positive thinking. This third book shows how expressing gratitude for everything one has will attract more good things into their lives.

The author says she received inspiration for The Magic from a sacred text, The Gospel of Matthew. Rhonda Byrnes says a person who is thankful for all the good things in their life will attract more of those good things. Those who do not express thanks for their blessings will end up losing what they have.

Expressing gratitude is a good positive practice that makes the person recall all the good things they have in their life, instead of focusing just on the negatives. This in turn can foster positive attitudes and make the person more constructive and upbeat in their life.

The Magic takes the reader on almost a month long journey. It has an action plan for 28 days, that helps them incorporate the concept of gratitude into their life. It shows them through a single exercise each day, how to express gratitude for past and present blessings and how to invite good things in the future through the act of expressing thankfulness.

Most people, in the rush and tension of the modern day lifestyle, tend to forget the great things that they have been blessed with, things like a good family, good health and so on. They instead obsess over the negatives and this makes them negative in their attitudes and actions too.

Fostering a sense of gratitude can make people more cheerful and positive by reminding them of the good aspects of their lives. The Magic is thus a manual for improving oneŸ??s viewpoints and directions in life.

About Rhonda Byrne

Rhonda Byrne is an Australian writer who writes mainly in the self-motivation genre.

Other books by this author include The Secret, The Power, and The Secret Gratitude Book.

Rhonda Byrnes used to work in the television industry. She was a writer and producer involved in popular shows likeSensing Murder and World's Greatest Commercials. After the success of her film and book, The Secret, she became famous as a self-help exert. She was featured in Time magazineŸ??s list of 100 people who shape the world, in 2007.

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