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Everyone is told to save money, as our savings add up over the years to help secure our future. But what if you want your money to multiply? Today, you can start with investing as little as 1000 early on and not just dream of, but actually opt for, an early retirement.

In this book, using relatable examples, Vivek Law, one of IndiaŸ??s most experienced personal finance journalists, simplifies the process of saving and investing to bring you the best possible ways to multiply your money. Decoding terms like Mutual Funds, Equities and Life Insurance in a manner that will not bore you to death, he shows that you need not toil throughout your life to have a secure and comfortable lifestyle. Backed by market research spread over decades and with tips from the countryŸ??s biggest money managers, The Money Book will help you get the one thing that everyone always needs and wants more ofŸ??money.

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