The Monkey Theory: Conquer Your Mental Chatter

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Are people destined for greatness? What sets the achievers apart from the rest? What is at the heart of success?

The Monkey Theory answers these persistent questions with a deceptively simple answer: the mind, our greatest asset. But not every mind finds itself equal to the task of fulfilling its potential. It flutters from one thing to another, one task to another, one goal to another … like a monkey. To achieve focus, determination and discipline, an individual needs to control the many monkeys who dominate, attack and hijack logical thinking.

Sfurti Sahare, one of India’s leading motivational speakers, spells it out: understand your mind to control it. Make it work for you. In these pages is a guide to imbibing good habits, breaking down one’s ego, living a stable life, letting go of the unessential and uniting your energies.

A book of hard-won wisdom, astute tips and practical techniques, The Monkey Theory is a first and concrete step towards becoming a top performer and an achiever.

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