The Paanwallah MBA:And My Experiments with Tooth

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Management wisdom need not be learnt from books and lectures alone Ÿ?? one can pick up the basics of running a business even from the local paanwallah.

Learning is a personal process, and it happens more outside the classrooms than inside. Life skills gathered from experience stand one in good stead.

This book explores the new EQ (not Emotional Quotient, but Ÿ??Employability QuotientŸ??) while touching upon the factors that drive us to learn and excel at the workplace.

The second part of the book has something for every reader Ÿ?? be it an employee, senior manager in an organisation, homemaker, elderly or retired. Packed with a liberal dose of humour, it is an armchair view of everyday life situations.

Take a plunge and enjoy the fun ride!

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