The Torchbearers Paperback

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Like any bored eleven-year-old with an imagination, Prem makes fantastic wishes. So when his father drags him to a monsoon-lashed Mumbai, Prem know it's futile to dream of home. Instead, he wishes for a genie, a dragon and some superpowers. What he certainly doesn't wish for is a quest to save some gods who are at the brink of extinction.

He finds that the gods' last hope lies in the hands of those who channel the mysterious power of the Vedas. Caught in a cosmic crossfire, with a talking fish, some inventive monkeys and a few unexpected allies, Prem learns of his true identity-as a Torchbearer.

Can the Torchbearers stop bloodthirsty demons from getting their hands on the Nectar of Immortality and bring the gods back to power?

About the Author

A.B. Majmudar was minding her own business: spending time with her family, dancing Bharatanatyam, reading books, and perfecting her methi paratha recipe...when the gods of ancient India benevolently, but persistently, demanded her attention. Before she knew it, she had written her first novel.

A graduate of UC Berkeley in English, she taught the subject to high school students, who quickly learned that she would drop everything for a story-knowledge which they tried to use to their advantage on exam days.

Despite (reluctantly) growing up, Majmudar still loves children's and young adult books, which she loves to read with her three children. She is most at home in ancient Indian stories, and she looks forward to more visits from the gods, leading to more novels.

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