The True Joy of Positive Living

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An inspiring and heart-warming autobiography of Norman Vincent Peale, The True Joy of Positive Living is an enthralling collection of excerpts from the author’s books, sermons, newspaper articles, radio and television broadcasts and inspirational talks.

Drawing from more than 60 years of professional experience, Dr. Peale writes about extraordinary individuals who shaped his life and his thinking, including his family members. This book is a testament to Dr. Peale’s advocacy for freedom and happiness, which has helped millions find meaning in their lives.

The book is enriched with true stories and biographical sketches that illustrate his theories of confident living and personal effectiveness as well as his buoyant faith in God.


About the Author

Norman Vincent Peale is the author of 46 books, including Positive Imaging, Reaching Your Potential, Think Like a Winner and The Art of Living. He is known as the progenitor of the theory of “positive thinking”.

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