There is Nothing You Cannot be, Do or Have Paperback

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Russ Michael is a name to be reckoned with. The author of the best seller Finding Your Soulmate galvanizes the reader into action with his book There Is Nothing You Cannot Be, Do or Have with a manner of writing and holding the reader???s interest that is mesmerizing, Russ Michael holds forth on how you can do whatever you choose to and not always feel helpless. The first three parts of the book explore your thoughts and beliefs and encourage you to analyse them. They also help to enunciate what your desires and dreams are while steering your thoughts to focus on what you want to be, do or have. Part 4 of the book lays down the magic steps one by one that will guide you to your goals. This is the essential part of the book which readers will benefit from. About The Author: Russ Michael is the author of 33 published books translated in more than 20 languages. Born and raised on a rural farm in the U.S.A, Russ Michael now lives in Austria.

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