Turnaround: Leading Assam from the Front Hardcover

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Tarun Gogoi became the chief minister of Assam at a difficult time. Insurgency was at its peak, and brutal killings dominated headlines. Development was at a standstill. With empty coffers, government employees were not paid salaries for months together. But the three consecutive terms of Gogoi's government -- from 2001 to 2016 -- have changed the Assam story. The number of killings by rebels has come down as several outfits were brought to the negotiating table. Economic growth accompanied the new stability. In 2013-14, for example, the state had a revenue surplus of more than Rs 200 crore. While there is a long way to go, Assam is today drawing huge investments and holds pride of place in India. Having emerged stronger from the dark years, it is now looking ahead at building smart villages, e-governance to remove corruption, investments for the welfare of women and the youth, and employment-oriented education to stem brain drain. Turnaround: Leading Assam from the Front is the story of how Tarun Gogoi's innovative and grounded style of governance helped bring about this change. As a record of Assam politics at its transformative best, it documents a trailblazing career and a state abuzz with the excitement of a makeover.

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