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As the cover says it all, “serious scientific answers to absurd hypothetical questions,” the answers are served in the most entertaining way with a tinge sublime humor and pun in this endearing book.

Randall Munroe, author of the book, was in NASA before starting xkcd. After huge success of the web comic, he planned to reach out to those people who wanted something physical and concrete (hard copy) to read. So he decided to introduce ‘What If.’ Munroe started working on the book after he started receiving emails asking weird questions, like ‘what would happen if a bullet got struck by lightering.’ He liked the idea very much and ended up publishing the book ‘What If.’

Once the readers start reading the book, they will eventually realize that Monroe is too good at answering such questions. He relates weirdness with science to answer the questions. You will learn and laugh a lot while reading this book like millions of readers have. So, anyone wanting to learn and form a habit taking a scientific approach on all things weird, this book may just seem to be the ideal one!

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