You Don't Need an MBA to Make Millions: Secrets of a Serial Entrepreneur Paperback

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At a time of pinching inflation you have to spend a handsome amount on the education of your children to the level of post-graduation coupled with an MBA no less. To handle this intimidating problem, this book shows how to start and build a successful business and make millions without acquiring an MBA. An inspiration through real-world examples to all aspiring and existing entrepreneurs has been provided in a streamlined manner. Formal education will give you a living whereas self-education will bring you a fortune. This book also furnishes the attributes of a successful entrepreneur and goes back to trace whether entrepreneurs are born or made. You are encouraged to overcome failures early, develop your talents once you discover what you are good at and change direction. Various feasible fields for enterprising women have been sighted. Finally, fifty valuable tips for success are specified. In a manner of speaking it provides practically oriented clues to all entrepreneurs who want to attain these goals. About The Author: Tim Moore is a Canadian by birth whose successful entrepreneurship qualities are those of the classic American businessman. As a writer he shares his multifarious experiences to provide inspiration to his readers.

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